Heather Galipo Make-up



 “The Lone Ranger”      Makeup effects        Disney                                Johnny Depp
“Taco Shop”    Key makeup artist     Streetwise entertainment Pro.     Eric Roberts, Tyler Posey
“ BRO”         Assistant makeup artist           StreetWise Entertainment Pro.
 “ Chase from Xenobu”  Assistant makeup artist   School house pictures             Tony Ward
“Bijou- Let it go”                key makeup artist         Los Angeles film school
“Miami Horror”       assistant makeup artist/ prosthetics         Mighty 8 productions
“ 38:50”                               effects/ prosthetic artist                    Paramount  
“ Bite me”                            effects makeup                     Epic level entertainment
“Never Forget”                          makeup                                    O3 Productions
“American Badass”                  makeup effects               A common thread productions
“ The Eclectic Episodes”           key makeup, efx, prop design
“Face Off”                    Assistant makeup artist and shadow crew        Gemini productions
“The deadliest warrior”               sculpting, molding                     flesh and blood effects
“ Toolbox Killer”                        makeup effects               American makeup and effects
“ Night of the Living Dead 2”          makeup effects            American makeup and effects
“  The Blood Let”                              key special effects
“ Eccentric Rouge”                       makeup effects                                              
“ Bride of Frank”                              makeup effects                                  USC
“ The Lost Coast Tapes”                  makeup effects                         Lost Coast Films LLC
“ Monty and the runaway furnace”  assistant makeup artist                             LMU


 American makeup and effects          foam running, painting, molding                   Dean Jones
Forbidden Haunt                              Airbrush and Effects artist
Queen Mary                                     Effects, airbrush, prosthetics    
Madero Co.                          sculptures for prosthetic pieces          
Work force entertainment                    lab work  

Demand Medias-  Cracked.com    


 Face- Off                        makeup assistance

 The Deadliest Warrior         special effects                    Flesh and Blood  effects Lab

Photo Shoots-

 Josh Manore          Fashion/beauty makeup  and Hair design               Lezlie Williams
Jenny Galipo             Airbrush                                                              Jenny Galipo
Mark Sacro                                  hair styling                                        Jennifer Wade
Michael Aceveo II                 makeup/hair                                      Nadia Garcia Sanders
Kian D                                      makeup                                             Nadia Garcia Sanders

Fashion shows-
Fashion Rock show                    High fashion makeup and hair styling                    Parris Harris  
The Kelly Wedding            Hair design , airbrush, and beauty makeup
Walt Disney graduation charity                 Beauty makeup
Grease sing-a-long                               Hair and Beauty makeup                   Paramount Pictures
Juicy Ladies art festival                                face painting                       


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